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This online store is a direct outlet for Crafts made by the craft groups we work with. Please visit the main Comfort Rwanda website for information on our other projects.


Our Partners

Comfort Rwanda works in partnership with Solace Ministries, run by survivors of the 1994 genocide and providing widows and orphans with income generating opportunities. Any extra profits are used to finance further partnership projects in Rwanda.

Crafts from KamonyiCrafts from Kamonyi

In our partners' Healing and Reconciliation Ministry projects a remarkable thing is happening. Released genocide prisoners together with survivors from the very families they decimated are coming together to repent, forgive and be reconciled. As a practical way of developing unity and creating income they have set up income generating projects, among which is the craft making group at Kamonyi.

Ndera Basket-Making Group

Evaste Mukayubahiro is a member of the Solace Ministries groups at Ndera which makes baskets for this catalogue. Her husband was killed in the genocide and she has the added responsibility of caring for two orphans she has adopted. Evaste says "In my life I did not esteem myself because I was handicapped and suffering very much. I came to Solace and got hope. They comforted me and showed me love and now I comfort others." There are 35 women in the group, 15 make baskets and the other 20 are handicapped or elderly. The money made from these crafts is shared throughout the group.

Craft making at Gatenga

Gatenga is one of the poorer areas of Rwanda's capital, Kigali. The majority of the crafts in this catalogue come from the Gatenga craft-making group of survivors, run by our partners Solace Ministries.

The widows at the group use a wide variety of "raw" materials, such as sisal plants, fabric from the local market, recycled calendars, sacking, marsh grass, banana leaves and beans.

The key is their skill in taking this diverse range of materials and using generations-old Rwandan skills to weave, cut, shape and put together these products. Combined with an eagerness to innovate and please, the result is a selection of beautiful and interesting crafts.

A new income source for the survivors in the Gatenga craft group is to teach visiting groups the skills of Rwandan craft making.

Craft making at GatengaCraft making at Gatenga