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  • Dolls, Animals & Ethnic Ornaments
  • Fabric Bags

    "Fabric" in Rwanda is synonymous with vibrant colours pulsing with African exuberance. These bags are strong and versatile, ideal for holidays, shopping and work. Colours will vary depending on what fabric the widows’ co-operative can buy at market - if you have a specific colour request or wish to change an item for a different colour we will do our best to help you.

  • Fruit Bowls
  • Greetings Cards

    These remarkable hand made cards are decorated with intricately carved banana leaf cuttings. Each piece of the picture or stroke of a letter is individually carved out of the appropriately coloured banana leaf and stuck onto the card. Often the traditional glue made from cassava roots is used for this. Some cards are held in stock with the following messages on a variety of designs: Thank you, To a special friend, Praying for You, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You, Congratulations.

  • Peace Baskets (Uduseke)

    The agaseke (plural = uduseke) is the quintessentially Rwandan craft. After the genocide weaving groups from both ethnic groups worked together the baskets became known as “Peace baskets”. Made by sewing sisal fibre around a papyrus frame, they were traditionally used to store jewellery and food. They were also given to the groom from the bride’s family - the lid signifying the women was pure. Today they are recognized across the world as one of Rwanda’s finest craft products. Useful for storage or decoration.

  • Kitchenware

    Practical handmade Kitchenware from Rwanda. Most of these fruit bowls, trays and table mats are made from sisal plant. The fibre is stripped from the long green leaves, dried, dyed and woven into these beautifully designed items. Ideal for functionality and style combined, each bowl takes a week to make. Its purchase not only supports the widows' craft groups, but keeps alive the traditional skills of Rwanda.

  • Jewellery and Keyrings